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Un 6.1 et un 6.4 aux Iles Solomon au cours des dernières minutes....

Séisme de 7.5 en Papouasie -Nouvelle-Guinée, le sixième de la semaine

2 puissants séismes frappent les îles Salomon



April 18, 2014

Managua . The earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on the Richter scale, occurred on April 10 in northern Managua, opened a crack length of 20 kilometers , today confirmed the Government of Nicaragua .

The crack , classified as " fault line " by the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies ( INET ) , was caused by the quake , said the first lady and coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council , Rosario Murillo.

The quake, followed by two others of magnitudes 6.7 and 5.6 on Sunday , as a result left two people dead and thousands homeless.

In its 20 kilometers long, starting in the town of Nagarote , five kilometers from the coast, the crack was introduced below the lake and crossed the island Xolotlán Momotombito , according to the official report .

"In the same line of this fault , between Momotombo and San Francisco Libre volcano (north of Xolotlán ), a major fault, which travels through a river in northeast direction , may be the continuation of the main fault was detected " Murillo said.

Television footage showed the government opening land became several tens of centimeters wide at some points.

Scientists from at least seven countries , found in Nicaragua studying the phenomenon , discovered three other smaller faults near Apoyeque and Momotombo volcano , an area in which there have been thousands of aftershocks of the mainshock .

The land few inches around the volcano Apoyeque moved , although an imminent eruption was discarded , reiterated the government spokesman .

Government officials maintained the status of "national extreme red alert " since no possibility of a destructive earthquake near and below Managua , a city with 1.4 million inhabitants and is considered " highly vulnerable to occur is discarded " .

The National Police and the central government warned people to " criminals" who are calling to leave their homes to loot then they recommended not to obey directions parallel to those provided through the government media .

The National System for Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters ( SINAPRED ) is prepared from 10 April for a major disaster .

The government held up three field hospitals in Managua and Ciudad Sandino awaiting the wounded who can stop a disaster.

Hundreds of families were evacuated from fragile buildings and emergency vehicles of Managua were placed at strategic points in the city.



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