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GMOs Out of Organic Baby Food !

Tell the National Organic Standards Board to Reject Martek's Petition for Life'sDHA and Life'sARA!

Martek Biosciences claims that they are non-GMO, but their patents for DHA and ARA show that their products are genetic engineered and processed with hexane, two things that are expressly banned from USDA Organic.

Tragically, Martek's Life'sDHA and Life'sARA are already in hundreds of products, including certified USDA Organic infant formula, baby food and dairy products.

The National Organic Program is trying to remedy this situation by requiring Martek to formally ask permission to use its DHA and AHA in organic.

Please ask the National Organic Standards Board to reject Martek's petition, and urge the USDA National Organic Program inform the company that the illegal 2006 approval is rescinded and that their GMO, hexane-extracted Life'sDHA and Life'sARA are not allowed in organic products.


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