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Ca chauffe en Syrie ... et ailleurs!!

Publié par Brujitafr sur 24 Novembre 2011, 12:48pm

Catégories : #3 ème guerre mondiale

Aircraft Carrier CVN-77 Parks Next Door To Syria Just As US Urges Americans To Leave Country "Immediately" ZH

Yesterday we reported that the Arab League (with European and US support) are preparing to institute a no fly zone over Syria. Today, we get an escalation which confirms we may be on the edge. Just out from CBS: "The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart "immediately," and Turkey's foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria." But probably the most damning evidence that the "western world" is about to do the unthinkable and invade Syria, and in the process force Iran to retaliate, is the weekly naval update from Stratfor, which always has some very interesting if always controversial view on geopolitics, where we find that for the first time in many months, CVN 77 George H.W. Bush has left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz, a critical choke point, where it traditionally accompanies the Stennis, and has parked... right next to Syria.

Sont ils devenus fous? Les russes mettent leur station radar en mode combat (entre autres mesures).

Russia Retaliates Against US: Puts Radar Station On Combat Alert, Prepares To Take Out European Missile Defense Systems ZH

Russe s/t anglais. Les mesures à partir de 7': ... Purée ca ressemble vachement à une déclaration de guerre ...

Pourquoi il ne nous ferme pas le gaz??

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