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USA : début de Sinkhole à New York ?

Publié par Brujitafr sur 3 Septembre 2013, 05:00am

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Harlem Residents Threatened By Worsening Sinkhole



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Some Harlem residents say a worsening sinkhole is threatening their cars and safety. NY1's Susan Jhun filed the following "NY1 for You" report.

A bump in the road is driving Harlem residents crazy.

"They filled it no less than about five to six times now," said resident Jorge Leger. "Every time that they fill it, a couple of weeks later to a few weeks later, it keeps sinking."

Drivers say they've called the city repeatedly over the past five months to fix the sinkhole.

Though it's been patched up, it keeps sinking back down.

Residents say the hole was recently filled, for example, and it's already starting to sink again.

They say this fix won't last for long.

"They patch it like every two weeks, and then it gets worse and worse and worse," said resident James Peters.

"In the meanwhile, while we're waiting, there's cars that are getting damaged, there's tires that are getting blown, and it's a dangerous situation, because it keeps sinking," another resident said. "My concern is also kids, you know, kids play in the area. When you're crossing the street, they might not be looking down, and they might get hurt."

After neighbors contacted "NY1 for You," NY1 called the Department of Environmental Protection and an official said a manhole at the location is broken and scheduled to be reconstructed in the coming weeks.

The official went on to say, in the meantime, that a steel plate will be placed over the area to make it safe until it is permanently fixed.

Hopefully, this news will help lift the sinking feeling for residents and drivers.

Source via Maître Confucius

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