Here’s a winter mystery for you—and a rather sad one at that.

Not far from highway E18 in Kragerø, Norway, a red fox was found frozen standing upright in a river, as if the water had suddenly turned to ice as it was crossing through.

 Foxes have a high tolerance for cold and are well adapted to withstanding low temperatures, so, in principle, this little guy should have been able to cross the river without any major problems.

Furthermore, even if it had been injured or on the verge of death while wading through the river, it would have lied down in its final moments instead of standing upright.

While no one is certain what caused the fox to freeze in such a position, locals suggest that it could have been passing through thin ice and gotten stuck, or even been shot and then intentionally placed there as a cruel prank.

What do you think? Is this staged or did something happen to the poor fox before he could make it safely to shore?

Source: Varden, 2ch Blog



▼ According to the internet, this isn’t the first time a “Foxsicle” has been found in the wild…