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Mortalités de masse d'animaux dans les derniers jours

Publié par Brujitafr sur 31 Octobre 2012, 07:44am

Catégories : #NATURE - ECOLOGIE




26th October 2012 - 40 Whales have stranded and died on Andaman Island in India.

25th October 2012 - 900+ dead Birds wash ashore on Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan, America

24th October 2012 - 3,600 Turkeys dead from Birdflu outbreak near Bangalore, India

24th October 2012 - 11,000+ Deer have died from disease in Michigan, America

24th October 2012 - 5,000+ Deer have died from disease in Missouri, America

23rd October 2012 - Massive Scallop die-off from Red Tide in America

23rd October 2012 - 40,000 lbs dead Fish found floating in ponds in Foshan, China

23rd October 2012 - Large Fish kill in Yong River, Ningbo, China

23rd October 2012 - Mass Fish deaths appearing along coastal areas of Sri Lanka

22nd October 2012 - Thousands of dead Fish scattered along Collier beaches in Florida, America

22nd October 2012 - Tens of thousands of Gizzard Shad Fish dead in Oneida Lake, New York State

21st October 2012 - 28,600 Sheep stranded for weeks in Pakistani Port, killed due to disease, Pakistan

19th October 2012 - 45+ Flamingos and Avocets found dead in Walvis Lagoon - "A never seen before phenomenon", Namibia

19th October 2012 - A Virus is killing Doves all across the Permian Basin, America

19th October 2012 - 1,000 Livestock have been killed due to Bird Flu in Dien Bien, Vietnam

17th October 2012 - Fish die-off could be in the MILLIONS in Neuse River, North Carolina, America

17th October 2012 - 7,000 Cattle killed by flooding in Pakistan
17th October 2012 - "Significant" Bass die-off, thousands dead in Dickinson County lakes, Iowa, America

16th October 2012 - 343 Cattle and Buffaloes dead from unknown disease, with 500 more affected in Sualkuchi, India

16th October 2012 - Fish kill in Dalton Creek, Georgia, America




Extinction, or art?

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