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La mort en couleur

Publié par Brujitafr sur 3 Novembre 2011, 06:01am

Catégories : #AIR DU TEMPS

Images de pollutions :

A river bleached white with the waste of aluminium production snakes through the parched Louisiana landscape before emerging into a muddy red lake in Darrow where the colours swirl together as on a palette

Rivière blanchie par la contamination à l'aluminium (Louisiane, Usa)
Devastation: This shows oil from sand extraction at Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. After the bitumen is removed, vast quantities of 'tailings' remain, which are the residue containing everything but the bitumen
Extraction des sables bitumineux en Alberta , Canada

Stain on the landscape: The process of extracting oil from sand leaves behind large tracts of yellow sulphur. Here at Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, the stored sulphur is dramatically veined by a blood-red polluted river
Soufre jaune restant en surface une fois le pétrole extrait des sables.. en rouge, une rivière passant au milieu de ce no man's land .. Alberta, Canada.
Bushes push out into a pond where the world's most widely used herbicide is manufactured in Luling, Texas
En vert: déversement d'herbicide fabriqué à Luling, Texas, usa.
Dirty: Phosphate fertiliser manufacture in Florida
En blanc : extraction de phosphate en Floride
'Red mud': Bauxite waste from aluminum production contains significant amounts of heavy metal contamination. Pictured at Darrow, Louisiana
En rouge : terres contaminées par la bauxite déposée après production pour aluminium. Louisiane, Usa
Oil plant in Alberta: Here it the effects of a refinery in Alberta, Canada, are pictured
Contamination des sols autour de puits de pétrole , Alberta, Canada
Effluents from fertiliser production are pumped into this gyp stack in Geismar, Louisiana
En vert : contamination au gypse, uranium, et radium autour de la ville de Geismar en Louisiane, Usa
Dramatic: An ash disposal pond at coal-fired power station at New Roads, Louisiana
Terrain autour d'une usine à charbon à New Roads , Louisiana, Usa
Petroleum coke is cooked to become asphalt, or other industrial products. This shows a rainbow refraction in liquid jetting from a pipe surrounded by coke in Texas
Même place , vue du sol.
Agent orange: Oil from BP's Deepwater Horizon spills at the Gulf Macondo well and floats on the Gulf of Mexico
Golfe du Mexique :pétrole dans la mer
Polluted: A pond full of herbicide in Luling, Texas
Déversement d'herbicide, Luling, Texas, usa
Deep cuts: Sand excavations at Fort McMurray, Alberta
Extraction sables bitumineux, Alberta, Canada
Chemical plant near New Orleans making derivatives used in a range of products, from cosmetics to plastic wrappings and paint additives
Complexe chimique vu du ciel..chaque tache correspond à une zone contaminée autour d'espaces de stockage.
View from above: Photographer J Henry Fair took his pictures from the air. 'Because the pictures are so beautiful, people want to learn more about what is going on in each image.'
Le photographe : J Henry Fair
Source photos et article vu sur "Au bout de la route"

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