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Mystery surrounds orange frogs found in UK snow

some of the mystery frogs
Curious creatures ... orange frogs were found by Steve Atkin but they have left wildlife experts puzzled

THESE mysterious orange frogs have baffled wildlife boffins after they were spotted in the snow in the UK.

Steve Atkin found four of the bizarre amphibians in an alley behind his house in Derby – but so far no one has been able to identify them.

Steve, 55, said: “I saw what looked like a frog sticking out of the snow and I thought it was a toy but it moved when I went to touch it.



Orange frogs
Mysterious ... orange frogs are not believed to be native
Caters News

Chris Wood, from the trust, said he had asked experts in Manchester to try to identify the creatures.

He said: “We are a bit stumped by this one, definitely not a native though.

“We don’t know what they are yet but we are always a little concerned about alien species escaping from captivity, as it can sometimes have dire consequences for our own wildlife.

“We would want to avoid that type of situation.”


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